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NEW Blue Jean Bag from the House of Love Shine

Several pairs of old jeans were used in the making of this bag…


Halloween at Love Shine – 2013


Meanwhile, across the street in front of the garden…

Parades, Parties, and Protests: Creative Resistance Culture

We are very happy to introduce you to Sarah Sparkles and her new book – Parades, Parties, and Protests: Creative Resistance Culture.


We are delighted to have several copies available for purchase at the store!

Accessories? She Got ‘Em!

Meet this stylish customer – she is wearing a great hairpiece from Dollsville NYC. ┬áVery chic, no?


The bag is a great match too!

Eye-catching Body Art


Serious Style

A Love Shine regular visitor rocks a Ser Urbano t-shirt with a great outfit!


Dressed to Impress!

She came in wearing a Love Shine bag. We asked for a pic since she had such great style!

Imagep.s. She bought a new market bag too!